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The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership

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Be personal — Today, leaders need to reveal something of themselves. People want to be able to relate to you, so be yourself!

Personal, engaging, and empathetic exchanges of information lead to effective communication. Emphasize the important information you want people to remember. Repeat your key points and repeat them again—your audience will thank you. This will challenge you, helping you to stretch and develop. Speak with your own voice.

The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership the Twelve Absolutes of Leadership

Respond in a timely manner — Do your best to be responsive to everyone, whether it is an employee, vendor, or prospect. Authentic, purposeful praise is a power skill of the successful leader—everywhere. As a leader, you must always have your focus on the horizon. Your first task is to hone your view of the present that you perceive around you and your organization.

Grounded in this reality, you are able to raise your sights toward the horizon and beyond.

"The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership"

Anticipation and navigation are complementary skills. It involves making decisions in real time that allow you to adjust, react, and outmaneuver the competition—always on the lookout for the unexpected.

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Communication is where leadership lives and breathes. That means more listening than talking. It is a process in which you seek first to understand what others think. Listen, learn, and then lead—in that order. Knowledge is what you know.

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Pingback: Martin Hill-Wilson. It occurs to me that the field of leadership is about as useful or as meaningless as the field of strategy.

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I wonder what you think. Having said that I must say there is a lot that Gary says that resonates with me — especially on his point on people and the importance of people. Leadership and people are two sides of the coin for me. Hi Maz, Thanks for your comment.

The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership

As always you add a valuable perspective to the post. That for me is one of the main reasons that we are not churning out leaders as it is hard. However, what he goes on to say about relating to people and how people are at the heart of everything in leadership gives us some very clear insight as to what has worked for him and the really successful leaders that he has encountered.

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He inspires the power and energy to get it done. Hi Linda, Thanks for that. Thanks again for sharing them. Pingback: ExecutiveSecretary. I enjoyed your intriguing post. I hope you write more.