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Effect of Bearing Damage on the Seismic Response of Girder Bridges Abstract: The hysteresis curve model was proposed to consider the bearing damage, the contact with the limitation device and the material nonlinearity. The calculation models of bearing, retainer were considered in the seismic response analysis. The results show that: 1 The bridge structure is unsafe under the action of large earthquakes without considering the friction effect of movable bearings. Because the friction of the movable support exists in the actual project, the structure of the first cycle of natural vibration on the weak field and considering the contribution of the movable support stiffness is closer to the field superior cycle of soil; 2 The limitation device restrains the beam displacement effectively, and reduces the seismic response of the fixed pier, and balances the distribution of seismic forces between the piers; 3 Under the conditions of large earthquake, when loss the sliding performance, the movable bearing will most likely result in the damage of piers.

Seismic Effects

In the seismic design, a certain amount of rebar should be provided to ensure the ductility; 4 For different bridge structures, by changing the initial distance of the limitation device from the movable bearing, the rigidity and yield strength of the limiting device, and the coefficient and stiffness of bearing, the large displacement of the bearing could be prevent. Subject Index. This monograph deals with the problem of dynamic behaviour and seismic response of structures which are designed and constructed in seismic regions.

Extensive attention is given to description of measuring methods, methods of evaluation of results and determination of dynamic properties of structures. The questions of linear and non-linear seismic response are solved taking into account the peculiarities of stiffness and damping and the demands of proper seismic design and the protecting of structures against unfavourable seismic effects. There is detailed analysis of torsional sesimic effects on structures with asymmetrical disposition in plan, of the influence of higher axial forces on the seismic response and of the problems of soil-structure interaction.

The experimental results are extensively documented, with graphs, tables, photographs and a keyword index.

What are the Seismic Effects on Structures ?

This volume will interest structural engineers, engineers-designers, geophysicists, mechanical and geotechnical engineers. It is intended to serve both readers already acquainted with problems of earthquake engineering and beginners in this field. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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The two dimensional resonance of sediment filled valleys, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America , 75, pp. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America Submitted manuscript. Diffraction of elastic waves by three-dimensional surface irregularities, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America , 73 6 , pp.

How Much Damage Can An Earthquake Do?

Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. Geophysical Journal International.

Relation between curves obtained from microtremor and site effects observed after Caracas earthquake, 11th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering , Paris, France. Study of the propagation and amplification of seismic waves in Caracas Valley with reference to the 29 July earthquake: SH waves, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America , 81 6 , pp. Computers and Geotechnics.

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Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. Categories : Earthquakes.

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