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Foster, Lori Foster Jardines 0. Kelner Kate Daniels 5. Butcher, Vicki Pettersson Kitty Norville 0. Green Kitty Norville 4. Armentrout Lux 1. Armentrout Lux 2. Armentrout Lux 4. Kelner, Victor Gischler Mercyverse 0. Lemoncello's Library 1 Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library Mr. Lemoncello's Library 1 by Chris Grabenstein Mrs. Pollifax 2 Amazing Mrs.

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Pollifax, The Mrs. Pollifax 2 by Dorothy Gilman Mrs. Green Nightside 1. Green Nightside 9. Green Nightside x.

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Seuss Oh. Hamilton, Marjorie M. Winters, Carrie Vaughan, Daniel H. Wilson, David D.

Banks, L. Modesitt Jr. Roble Phoenix Chronicles x. Roth Psy-Changeling 0. Lost Stories, The Ranger's Apprentice 0. Sniegoski Remy Chandler 1. Sniegoski Remy Chandler 2. Kenner Sabina Kane 0. Green Secret Histories 7. Its function was to advise the king.

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York was the capital of the Anglo Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. It was an important city in the Danelaw — a Viking kingdom that roughly lay to the north of a line drawn between London and Chester, during most of 9 th to 11 th centuries. Chapter 15 Ambrose was one of the names of Merlin. In modern Heathenry, the word is applied to nature spirits. Chapter 18 In the Heathen religion, Winter Nights was one of the "three greatest blessings of the year" mentioned in the Ynglinga saga.

They were berserkers who changed into wolves, rather than bears. Chapter 20 Disir Old Norse are female ancestors. They have nothing to do with Wish Hounds in folklore.

The Axe, the Elf and the Werewolf

In Heathen mythology, Yggdrasil is the tree that houses the nine worlds. Herne is regarded by many modern pagans as an avatar of Cernunnos. Their cries were said to grow softer the closer they came. A normal lynx can leap two metres straight upwards. I've scaled that up for Sam. Chapter 23 The Indian Scout is a motorcycle built in the first half of the 20 th century. The name may mean old wood or elder wood. Chapter 24 Nixie or neck is the Germanic name for an undine or water spirit. The history of the Forest of Dean is true. Myrddin Emrys is the Welsh equivalent of Merlinus Ambrosius. What Sam says about the history and names of Merlin is real.

Including the reason why Geoffrey of Monmouth changed the name to Merlin. Breton folklore places Broceliande in Brittany. Legend has it that Merlin stood on a rock in Broceliande to make rain. Elizabeth I had a court magician called Dr Dee.

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Chapter 25 Landwight is a modern Heathen term for nature spirits tied to the land. Wight is a rendition of an Anglo Saxon word for creature that modern Heathens tend to use only to refer to the fay. Dog pawprints aren't individually identifiable in the way fingerprints are. The tale about Loki can be found in the Prose Edda Skaldskaparmal Wyrd is a Heathen concept related to fate. Justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other. Orlog is a concept from the Heathen religion and ancient texts, related to wyrd. It can be expressed as the sum total of everything that has made someone the person they are.

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Chapter 31 In , all-region DVD players were either not available or else well out of the price range of most consumers. In Heathen mythology, Fimbulwinter is a three-year winter that precedes the coming of Ragnarok. See the Prose Edda Gylfaginning Chapter 32 The ram-headed snake is part of Celtic iconography. It appears with various gods though is most closely associated with Cernunnos. It seems to be a symbol of regeneration and fertility.

Silvanus is a Roman god associated with the borders between domesticated and wild land. In some ways he resembles Cernunnos. Jones Enthralled Children of the Moon 3. Lemoncello's Library Mr. McIntyre Ghost and Mrs. Arlidge Little Girl Missing by J. Burns Plum Spooky Stephanie Plum Robb Vengeance Outage 3 Outage series by T.

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