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Lincoln spends day with Springfield friends. Tribune, 12 February In late afternoon discusses unfinished lawsuits with W. Herndon at their offices and requests that office sign, "Lincoln and Herndon," remain and that Herndon conduct firm's business until Lincoln returns. They walk together until near Lincoln's home. The day before he departs for Washington, D. Herndon in their office. The two men go "over the books" and make plans "for the completion of all unsettled and unfinished matters. Herndon and Jesse W. Appleton and Company, , Tells Herndon he had not thought there would be need for farewell speech.

Visits Carl Schurz in his room for another conversation. At approximately A. President-elect leaves Chenery House without Mrs. Lincoln for Great Western Railroad depot, to start trip to Washington. Melvin for certain household furniture. Shakes hands with friends as they file by. To this place, and the kindness of these people, I owe everything. I now leave,.

Trusting in Him, who can go with me, and remain with you. I bid you an affectionate farewell. Nicolay, he writes out farewell remarks at request of reporter. Lincoln acknowledges greetings of people at number of stops during morning.

At Decatur, Ill. Illinois State Journal , 13 February Makes brief remarks at Tolono and Danville, Ill. At P.

Frederick Steele. At Lafayette, Ind. We all believe in the maintainance of the Union, of every star and every stripe of the glorious flag, and permit me to express the sentiment that upon the union of the States, there shall be between us no difference.

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Greets people at Thorntown and Lebanon, Ind. Every station along route has its crowd. Arrives in Indianapolis at 5 P.

[STREET] Elizabeth STREET m. Thomas Lincoln - -

At West Washington St. Oliver P. Morton Ind. Lincoln replies: "To the salvation of this Union there needs but one single thing—the hearts of a people like yours. It is your business to rise up and preserve the Union and liberty, for yourselves, and not for me.

Leaves train for carriage, remains standing, and joins procession of 20,, composed of both houses of legislature, public officers, municipal authorities, military, and firemen, to Bates House, where he stays overnight. From balcony he says: "The words 'coercion' and 'invasion' are in great use about these days. Would the marching of an army into South Carolina, for instance, without the consent of her people, and in hostility against them, be coercion or invasion? But if the Government, for instance, but simply insists upon holding its own forts, or retaking those forts which belong to it, or the enforcement of the laws of the United States.

What is the particular sacredness of a State? I am speaking of that assumed right of a State, as a primary principle, that the Constitution should rule all that is less than itself, and ruin all that is bigger than itself. But, I ask, wherein does consist that right? I am deciding nothing, but simply giving something for you to reflect upon. Becomes excited over temporary loss of satchel containing copies of Inaugural Address. Nicolay, Lincoln's Secretary , After breakfasting at governor's mansion, Lincoln accompanies Gov. William E. Shortly after 10 A. Welcomes Mrs.

Lincoln and sons to presidential party and takes affectionate leave of old Illinois friends, Jesse K.

Midwestern Bard Made Lincoln Seem Familiar to Millions of Americans

Dubois and Ebenezer Peck. Boards train at 11 A. Meets welcoming committee from Ohio and Kentucky on train. Cincinnati Commercial, 14 February Speaks from rear platform at Indiana towns of Morris, Shelbyville, Greensburg, and Lawrenceburg, during four-hour ride to Cincinnati.

The Family Plot to Kill Lincoln

Baltimore Sun, 13 February Arrives in Cincinnati shortly after 3 P. Rides in carriage with mayor, escorted by Washington Dragoon regiment, for two hours and arrives at Burnet House, where he addresses huge crowd: "I hope that, although we have some threatening National difficulties now—I hope that while these free institutions shall continue to be in the enjoyment of millions of free people of the United States, we will see repeated every four years what we now witness.

Attends public reception in hotel dining room during evening. Goes to balcony at 8 P. Chairman, I hold that while man exists, it is his duty to improve not only his own condition, but to assist in ameliorating mankind; and therefore, without entering upon the details of the question, I will simply say that I am for those means which will give the greatest good to the greatest number.

Arrives in Columbus at 2 P. Receives national salute; gets enthusiastic welcome from crowd of 60, At Capitol Lt. Robert C. Kirk Ohio introduces him before joint meeting of legislature.

The Lincoln Log

Baltimore Sun, 14 February He acknowledges that he has revealed little about "the policy of the new administration. Speaks to public from steps of Capitol immediately following visit to legislature: "The manifestations of good-will towards the government, and affection for the Union which you may exhibit are of immense value to you and your posterity forever. Attends levee in full evening dress for members of legislature, army and militia officers, Lincoln party, and special guests at residence of Gov. William Dennison Ohio. Baltimore Sun, 15 February Returns to Capitol after supper and again receives public.

Later accompanies Governor to Deshler Hall, where guards are giving military ball in his honor. Leads grand promenade with captain's wife. Columbus Capital City Fact, 14 February Lincoln family spends night as guests at governor's home. Tribune, 14 February Lincoln and family leave governor's mansion at 7 A. Cincinnati Commercial, 15 February Train departs shortly before 8 A.

source site Lincoln travels most of way to Pittsburgh in rain, but makes number of stops for speeches where crowds are waiting. At Cadiz Junction Lincoln dines at Parks House; later remarks to crowd from platform of car that he is "too full for utterance. Receives welcome from Judge Lloyd and approximately 10, people gathered around carpeted stage near railroad tracks in Steubenville.

Replies: "We everywhere express devotion to the Constitution. I believe there is no difference in this respect, whether on this or on the other side of this majestic stream. The question is, as to what the Constitution means—.