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America the Beautiful. Anchors Aweigh. An energetic song for the Navy! Check out all the free lead sheets many of them will also be found on the Vocal, Piano, and Guitar pages and you will see that the majority of them are just a few lines of melody in the treble staff. Angels We Have Heard on High. The lovely Christmas carol with the "Glo-o-o-o-ri-a! Arkansas Traveler. In the key of C shown here and also the key of G. That way, sample chord patterns for the left hand can be written out in the empty measures, to give students ideas, or to jog their memory when they get home from their lesson.

Army Theme Song Caisson Song. Ash Grove. A pretty old-fashioned song from Wales - "Down yonder green valley You will sometimes hear this song in movies about bygone days, such as "Pride and Prejudice. The lyrics are Latin, but alternate lyrics in English are offered as well. Away in a Manger.

The Lady, The Melody, and the Word

First of all, I love your site! I wanted to ask you about lead sheets. I learned piano when I was young for few years, but only the classics. Now they're a bit difficult for me, and I want to play easier and more enjoyable pieces. I saw an infomercial before mentioning lead sheets, how it makes playing piano easier, and I want to ask you, how do I use it?

Unchained Melody

I'm really bad at chords, does that mean I need to know all my chords before playing a lead sheet music? Be Thou My Vision.

unchained melody lyrics the righteous brothers

A beautiful and quite old hymn. You are right that you need to understand chords to make use of lead sheets. Also, my piano pages " Mary Had a Little Lamb , " and " Twinkle ", and " Water is Wide " all have information about chord patterns and uses. Blow the Candles Out.

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This minor melody is unforgettable. Boil'em Cabbage Down beginner guitar song. Very easy, with lots of repetition. This is the song I use to get kids started flatpicking. Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains bluegrass guitar tabs. This is a great bluegrass tune you may never have heard before! Caisson Song. I suggest setting aside a portion of each music lesson for a rotation of activities, different every week. Camptown Races. An older song that has a definite American feeling. Along with games that stretch and reinforce understanding of music theory, give kids lead sheets and if you can, free lead sheets such as I have here!

Cat Came Back. This fun song with silly lyrics can be simplified to just 5 not es. Kids like this song. Starting very simply, students will gradually hone their arranging skills and feel "cut loose" from the written page. Colorado Trail song. This is a sweet love song, with a surprisingly pretty melody.

Especially for pianists, this is an entirely different way to make music, and will gradually lead to playing by ear which I personally believe every adept musician ought to be able to do. Come Ye Sinners, one of the old gospel hymns. In addition to using older, public domain songs, one kind of lead sheet I've had a lot of success with among my students is contemporary Christian lead sheets such as "Be Unto Your Name," "Shout to the Lord," "Give Thanks," etc.

Come Ye Sinners. This hymn has the same words as the previous one, but a very different melody, minor and beautiful. So I go looking for these songs on SheetMusicPlus. Deck the Halls.

A very popular Christmas carol that kids love to play! After buying the version I like, I loan students page 1, with instructions to give the music back to me and buy their own copy if they want the whole thing. Devil's Dream. A great favorite among both fiddle and flat-picking guitar players.

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  4. The Lady, The Melody, and the Word.
  5. Out of My Mind.
  6. Rainfall (Destined)!
  7. Dreams of Hope.
  8. Dona nobis pacem. The words mean "Give us peace. Down in the Valley. A sweet old song from the mountains of Appalachia. The Erie Canal Song. Farther On.

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    A truly lovely hymn I never tire of, about looking beyond the troubles of today to the "field of endless day. Found a Peanut. A goofy song for a "certain age bracket" that uses only 2 chords! Great for beginners. A round. This melody progresses in easy steps downward, after the initial octave leap. For the Beauty of the Earth, a Thanksgiving song. An old-fashioned hymn giving thanks to God for what he has created. God is So Good, God is Good lyrics.

    God Rest You Merry Gentlemen.

    Ban These Words From Your Vocabulary To Sound More Confident At Work

    Goober Peas. A fun song about soldiers and eating peanuts that comes from Civil War times. Though kids may initially be reluctant to try this unfamiliar song, it quickly becomes a favorite! Greensleeves Christmas sheet music. One of the loveliest and oldest of melodies.

    Originally, the words were addressed to a Lady Greensleeves. Later, the meaningful lyrics "What Child is This" were attached to this melody. The Grenadier and the Lady - loveliest of sad songs. Happy Birthday. The one shown to the right may seem impossibly high for the average singer, but fear not, I have the lead sheet in many keys, from A to Z!

    He is Born Il est ne free Christmas sheet music. Heigh Ho, Nobody Home. A good beginning round for singers, with words sung by a "hobo". With the vocal line in several keys, or with the standard piano accompaniment, also in several keys. This is very easy, for an opera aria. I Love the Mountains. For guitar or piano, this is a fun song with opportunities to improve chord technique. I'll Fly Away. A song about flying away joyfully to heaven when the day comes "when I die". Jingle Bells. One of the Christmas songs everyone knows - and it only has 5 notes in the chorus!

    June Apple. Keegan's Waltz.