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And on Oct. Editor's note: The original version understated the number killed on Oct. But this weekend's fighting is some of the most intense and sustained seen since the days of the revolution that toppled Mr. Among activist protesters, whatever good will they had for the Army seems in tatters.

And with protesters also now flooding the streets of other cities such as Alexandria and Suez, it's unclear how the military council plans to bring an end to the violence. Egypt's military rulers have called the protests an attempt to derail democracy ahead of next week's vote, which they insist will take place as planned, despite rumors to the contrary given today's events.

But many protesters on the street, who feel the military simply replaced Mr. Mubarak's dictatorship with its own, are calling the clashes the start of the second revolution. The protesters are demanding that the military junta ruling Egypt hand power to a civilian government.

The memory of the Egyptian revolution is the only weapon we have left | World news | The Guardian

Their large numbers and determination, coming on the heels of a large protest Friday with the same demands, puts tremendous pressure on the SCAF just a week before the first parliamentary elections since the uprising are due to take place. The SCAF promised a quick transition, but has repeatedly delayed elections, while using increasingly repressive tactics like torture, military trials for civilians, jailing bloggers, and cracking down on media.

Already, some liberal and leftist politicians and political alliances have suspended their campaigns. Meanwhile, the political party of the Muslim Brotherhood , the most organized group in Egypt that is poised to dominate the polls, is carrying on with its campaigning, and has not called on its members to join the protests, though it organized a peaceful protest Friday. If the situation becomes worse than this, I think the Army may decide to postpone or cancel the elections. Fourteen Muslim Brotherhood members who he had wanted to have on his show during the fasting month of Ramadan, which begins next week, are on the military's "Wanted" list.

Still, Kalifa is not upset.

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Indeed, the events of the last few days have filled him with optimism of the kind that was on full display on Tahrir Square after Morsi was overthrown on Wednesday evening. Tens of thousands of people were on hand for the high point of the mass demonstrations seen in the Egyptian capital for days.

When Defense Minister General Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi announced that Morsi had been removed from office and the constitution suspended, they erupted into cheers and fireworks filled the air. For months, the opposition had been fighting a losing battle against what they saw as the Islamists' attempt to consolidate power in their hands.

Now, finally, they had managed a victory. He also says that he already has plenty of offers for new talk shows. For the moment, he is optimistic that his next program will not have to be focused on exposing the ideology of those in power. He is hopeful that the opposition will be able to rise to power. Opponents of Mubarak, he said, were unable to unite behind a single leader and, worse, many of those who took to the streets in simply retreated into their private lives once the autocrat was toppled.

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Revolution Brings Hard Times for Egypt's Treasures

Instead of helping to build a new society, they simply lobbed criticism from the sidelines. Now, after "Revolution Number Two," as he calls it, he expects things to be different. Headwaiter Attef Abdelghalil is also full of hope on Thursday, but it is a different kind of optimism. Fishawy is perhaps the most famous teahouse in the Egyptian capital and it is normally a magnet for tourists. But these days, hardly anybody finds their way inside; tourists have headed elsewhere.

For Abdelghalil and his colleagues, it is that development which has led them to question their past political beliefs. After three decades of kleptocracy under Mubarak, the Islamists seemed to be both honest and reliable. Many thought the same, paving Morsi's path to the presidency one year ago. His Islamists likewise became the largest power in the parliament.

Not only was Morsi unable to lure tourists back to the country, but "they ultimately only followed their own interests and did not work for the people as they had promised," he says. Yet in contrast to Kalifa, he doesn't have much confidence in the opposition either. Rather, he believes that Egypt's experiment with democracy has failed.

You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Her book "Embed in Egypt" is available through Kehrer Verlag. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. A sparkler is held during a birthday party in Cairo in The photos in her book "Embed in Egypt" show what life was like during that time of transition.

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Hide Caption. Protests are held in downtown Cairo before the country's parliamentary elections in November A television shows clashes in Tahrir Square, the popular protest spot in Cairo, in November Graffiti behind this coffin says "Justice is the foundation of authority.

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A summer's day in Alexandria, Egypt, in People tango at a home in Cairo in Sevim wanted to photograph everyday life in Egypt, not just protests.