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Remember Me Forgot your password? Haven't registered yet? The number of people identifying with a Christian faith has fallen from In a press release today, Humanist New Zealand - a secular advocacy group - said the numbers suggest it's time to re-think the concessions and privileges afforded to Christians. Humanist New Zealand president Jolene Phipps said that "Christianity has a privileged position in public policy today that is out of step with modern New Zealand". We want to work together to ensure our voices are heard.

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More From. New Zealand. The numbers continue a trend line which has been observed over several recent Census counts. A graph illustrating New Zealand Census data of those identifying as Christian and those identifying as having no religion. Thompson's decree against Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School is temporarily suspended while the Vatican considers an appeal.

'No religion' officially overtakes Christianity in New Zealand Census stats

Other dioceses are considering bankruptcy too. But queer Mormons disagree. In his invocation, Barrett Fletcher asked that "the great Flying Spaghetti Monster rouse himself from his stupor and let his noodly appendages ground each assembly member in their seats. By AP.

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Number Of Abortions In U. Falls To Lowest Since A new report cites fewer women becoming pregnant for the decline, likely because of increased accessibility of contraception.

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By Jolie A. By Ja'han Jones. The political evangelical leader and Trump loyalist is facing multiple allegations about his stewardship of Liberty University.