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Meeta Goswami, Michael J.

Thorpy , S. This interdisciplinary volume brings together many of the world s leading clinicians and researchers to discuss current and anticipated developments in the understanding of narcolepsy.

Sleep Science - Cognitive behavioral treatment for narcolepsy: can it complement pharmacotherapy?

The areas covered include findings from research investigations on the genetic predisposition and pathophysiology, psychosocial aspects, and clinical management of narcolepsy by means of pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods. Special attention is paid to the translational aspects of narcolepsy. This volume is suitable for sleep disorders specialists and researchers, psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, social workers, behavioral scientists, graduate medical students, and any professionals and researchers interested in the interdisciplinary area of sleep medicine.

Key Features Focus on issues faced in day-to-day clinical settings helps to inform and change clinical practice; Chapters address both clinical and research basis highlights potential areas of future research; Interdisciplinary and translational approach suitable for a wide range of clinicians and biomedical professionals.

Narcolepsy : A clinical guide.

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Narcolepsy, 2nd Edition provides clinicians and allied health professionals with patient management modalities, clinical and quality of life issues and best practices for health care delivery. Michael J. It will be of interest to anyone involved in research or caring for this patient population. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Medicine Internal Medicine.

Narcolepsy: A Clinical Guide

Free Preview. Updated edition features the latest diagnostic guidelines and state-of-the-art treatments for narcolepsy Authored by leaders in sleep medicine, neurology, psychiatry and public health Comprehensive resource for researchers in the field and healthcare professionals treating sleep medicine patients see more benefits.

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Hi Julie, Will we have the opportunity to read your chapter. It could be very helpful to parents of pwn also. Or is this book for health professionals only?

Clearing The Fog Of Narcolepsy

Well done. Best always, Heather. Julie Simply said. Without you, your commitment, your incredible spirit, and fight for a better and more beautiful life…we….

I noticed that Huffington wrote and published a book about the importance of sleep. How did she, all of a sudden, become the expert? How much of what she has in it came from your work. I have not read it yet, only sharing my sense of it with you, it needs to be checked.