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At the heart of this conflict is the issue of control. He strives for autonomy in order to feel like a man. In response, his mother escalates her attempts at gaining compliance from her son, which only causes further resistance. Mothers increase their efforts to parent their sons because they want their sons to become mature and independent young men.

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Teenage boys appear to be lazy, rebellious, uncommunicative, unreliable, and insensitive to the needs of other family members. However, people outside of the home experience these same adolescent boys to be responsible, hard working, generous, sociable, and helpful. Mothers must realize that their sons, like their daughters, need to separate from their mother in order to develop their own identity. Boys develop their gender identity at a very young age, often around the ages of five or six.

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They play boys games and emphasize in numerous ways how they are different from girls. Once boys reach adolescence, the task of identity formation takes on a different dimension. The boy is in the process of becoming a man. In order to do so, a boy needs to reject his mother. She can no longer be the one who determines his behavior and he can no longer hide behind her for protection from the world.

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A boy needs to know that he is physically and psychologically capable of handling many aspects of his own life without the help of his mother. Or browse results titled :.

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13 Things Mothers of Boys Should Know

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What a great album! It really touches me, especially "Needles in your skin" with its great variety of riffing, melodies, lyrics and shouting. On the other hand, the amount of time they spent talking to the babies was not correlated with the quality of the relationship they had with their partners.

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