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What's more, the study failed to find a link between the occurrence of the full moon and kids' activity levels, debunking the myth that kids are more hyper during a full moon. The idea that the moon has an effect on people's behavior goes back to ancient times, but studies have found little evidence to back up the idea. Unlike much of the previous research on children's sleep, the new study did not rely on parents or the kids themselves to report how much sleep the children got.

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Instead, the children wore accelerometers — which are devices similar to fitness trackers that record body movement and can be used to monitor sleep — 24 hours a day, for at least seven days. Results showed that children's activity levels — including the amount of time they spent doing high- and low-intensity activity, and their sedentary time — were about the same during a full moon and new moon the phase of the moon when it is not visible from Earth.

However, children's sleep time was about 5 minutes shorter on nights with a full moon, compared to nights with a new moon. This is about 1 percent of children's total sleep time, the study said. From a health standpoint, such a small effect "is unlikely to be important," the researchers said. It's not clear why children got slightly less sleep on nights with a full moon.

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Ready for a night time adventure? Then 3, 2, 1… Liftoff! Its orbit around our planet is shaped like a slightly squashed circle known as an ellipse. We see the Moon because it reflects light from the Sun.

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Find out more in our fascinating phases of the Moon feature! It takes roughly the same amount of time for the Moon to make a full rotation as it does for it to complete its orbit. Brr … 9 Like Earth, the Moon has gravity the force that pulls things towards the ground. A popular theory is that a Mars-sized rock, named Theia , crashed into Earth around 4. What do you think of our facts about the Moon?

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