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Meet the Parkers:

Just fresh, honest ingredients, locally sourced and put together on a simple plate.

A knife, fork and spoon. Conjured by a spectacular chef. Eat British classics, with some whimsical reinterpretations, by a chef with outstanding culinary heritage.

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Drink Unpretentious sophistication, and excellent value from a vintage Cambridge cellar. Seasonal Menu. Breakfast A good breakfast is the jewel in the crown of classic British feasting: smoked bacon, free range eggs, roasted heirloom tomatoes.

Go light with a fresh soup, garden salad or something from the sandwich board, or all out with a three-course feast. Mitch and Parker have been friends for awhile now, but Parker has never mentioned anything about wild parties that he and his dad host on a regular basis. When Parker asks Mitch to come over for one of their parties, promising a night he will never forget, he agrees. When he arrives at the huge mansion that is the Parker estate, however, he wonders why he is the only guest to arrive, at least so far.

Welcome to Parkers

The events of the night are shocking enough, but there is one regular guest of the Parker parties who Mitch would never have guessed to be a part of something like this. Excerpt: Arriving right on time, Mitch was greeted at the mansion in the hills by Parker as well as his father, Parker, Sr. Where is everyone?

We like to show all of our guests the individual attention they deserve. He acts like nothing at all happened.