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Training on How to Manage Volunteers

Disaster resilience Building local capability to manage spontaneous volunteers Disaster preparedness for older people. For managers of volunteers Accredited training. For volunteers Accredited training.

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  • Membership Become a member. Adfter graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosovo, Arta started working in The Ideas Partnership, a non-governmental organization that promotes employment, social inclusion, preservation of cultural heritage and healthy environment. Today, Arta is a volunteer herself, serving with UNV, and her experience will be one to remember.

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    Working in this type of project allows you to showcase your creativity to ease up the way towards being more effective and achieving the aim of the project. It also exposes you to different environments where you have the chance to learn more in depth about the community, while continuously receiving and incorporating their advices in the project. Through her assignment, Arta has facilitated the process through which the beneficiaries received grants and turned their dwellings into guesthouses, ready to receive guests.

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    Self-fulfillment was another reason why Arta decided to become a volunteer. She shares, "seeing ideas that had sprung up in my head materialize into something real is what I liked the most about my engagement in this project. Have you read this? Please log in to set a read status Setting a reading intention helps you organise your reading. Read the guide.

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