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Love lost and found for one Meridian couple

For Smith, the concepts of love, lust, loss, fantastical versus realistic feelings, and regret are all fluid points along a much bigger spectrum of the human experience. There are no fairytale endings, nor even the finality or closure of an ended relationship, only the turmoil of joyous and regretful moments coexisting together.

How Jorja Smith Is Capturing the Universal Experience of Young Love & Heartbreak

The wit and charisma of Smith's lyrics are amplified by her undeniable chops. She has range bordering on Adele, with a thick distinctiveness to her pronunciation that is as captivating as SZA, and yet Smith neither feels as shackled to her own narrative as Adele can be nor as chaotic and rebellious to the norm as SZA. In other words, she has the potential to be a musical powerhouse whenever she chooses. If there's anything that Smith has not yet totally mastered, it is the pacing of her songs.

For as traveled as that conceptual path is, Smith finds originality in her pitch and puncturing lyrics. Not Jorja Smith. Progress was slow at first but I gave myself goals and when I met them, it felt great! But I kept going and decided to make new goals that were about me and the things I wanted.

I tried to remember the things that were most important to me before my relationship turned so unhealthy.

For me it was a number of things, but mainly, my independence, my drive and focus and my passion for writing. Each day I found little ways to get my independence back, I set goals again for my career, my side hustle and gave myself a clear idea of what I wanted out of life.

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I started keeping my journals, writing poetry or posting something on Instagram just to put my little positive vibe out into the world. It made me feel good so I did it. Finding the things that give you joy and making them a part of your life will slowly bring you back to being you and you will even grow from it, but beware not everyone is a fan. When you are in a relationship changing yourself to please someone else can start out small.

Dance of Love – Lost and Found – Integration Therapies

You forget that what you wanted in the first place, was to find a real connection with someone who wanted the real you and not just the idea of you. Learning not to get lost in it is key and Self love is necessary! One of the first things you have to do is admit you let your own light go out. Admitting your responsibility is important and essential to your growth. After all, losing yourself is a stifling of your growth. Once you take responsibility for your part in it, you can start to move on. Another way to get back to a place of self love is to remember who you are and what makes you happy.

Charades Boards ‘My Traitor, My Love,’ ‘Lost and Found,’ ‘The Girl With a Bracelet’ (EXCLUSIVE)

You were someone before you got caught up in a relationship. Remember that person, I think you may have really liked them. It may help to set goals, write lists, take up hobbies or start journaling. Honor yourself and make yourself a priority.

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Either your partner will choose to nurture this part of your journey or destroy it. Perhaps the reason we compromise so much of ourselves in a relationship is fear of being alone or rejected. Some people can be threatened by someone who loves themselves enough to know what they truly deserve and not stand for anything less. Especially when they were so easy to bow down before.

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For me, returning to the self I lost meant finding my own identity again which lead me to the personal growth that was being stifled by my unhealthy lifestyle. Doing the things I love and sticking to my priorities has deeply changed my progress towards my goals. It took a lot of self love and discipline for me to get to a positive place. The journey is far from over but I am excited to see where it takes me.