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Innovation software provides a concrete way for employees to participate in innovation, actively collaborate with colleagues and experts from around the world and receive feedback and recognition for their ideas. By creating a centralized location for innovation that can be customized according to the company and the project, innovation software can effectively support efforts by HR departments.

At the same time, the rate at which technology is advancing makes it nearly impossible to adapt and maintain productivity at a competitive level. Recognizing this challenging is the first step to overcoming it.

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From there, it is important to enlist HR departments to identify new trends, support ongoing education, incorporate innovation software and serve as a leader in cultivating an environment that supports innovation. How Can HR Help? Stay on top of technology trends.

Workers are busy with daily tasks, but with the right support, everyone can be aware of emerging trends and take the necessary steps to respond appropriately. Understand how new technology is relevant to the business and how it can be incorporated in order to enhance the workforce and improve productivity. Work to get leaders and key stakeholders onboard when it comes to adapting new technology.

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It is up to HR to make the case for the importance of innovation and sell decisionmakers on new technology. The study classified businesses in terms of being digital novices, followers, innovators, or champions of digital innovation.

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Innovate or Die: What is the State of Your Innovative Culture?

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Innovate Or Die: How A Lack Of Innovation Can Cause Business Failure

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