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To meet your crush for the first time, try to stand up straight and smile so you seem confident, even if you're feeling a little nervous. To break the ice, ask your crush a question like, "I heard you're on the basketball team. How are you guys doing this year? That's so cool. For more tips, like how to approach your crush for the first time, read on! This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Together, they cited information from 10 references. Categories: Crushes. Layalye Abuawad. Learn more Method 1.

Do a quick check of your hair and clothes before you approach. Just before you walk over, brush off your clothes, check your teeth, and smooth your hair discreetly. Bring a friend along for support, especially if they know your crush. If you still feel too freaked out about approaching your crush, ask a friend to come with you.

This works especially well if your friend already knows your crush—they can help start a conversation and ease over any awkward moments. Can you introduce me?

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I need help on this new chapter. Approaching with some backup can help you feel more confident. Start walking towards your crush as soon as you see them.

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When you see your crush, your first reaction is probably excitement—and anxiety! Instead, take a deep breath and start walking towards them before you can talk yourself out of it. Hesitating gives you time to start worrying and second-guessing yourself. Going straight up to them will actually help you feel more confident! Be confident and smile.

No matter how nervous you feel, walk towards your crush with confidence. Stand up straight, relax, and smile.

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Being confident as you approach them will put both them and you at ease. Even faking confidence can help you feel stronger and more sure of yourself. Introduce yourself and say a casual hello. When you get to your crush, just smile and say hi! Relax and talk normally—remember that this is just another conversation. My name is David. If you want to start a more casual conversation, you might want to jump right in with a question or clever comment.

Start however feels most natural to you and the situation. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter NoKal Start date Feb 2, NoKal Member Korean.

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Why people say "I am meeting him tomorrow" rather than "I am to meet him tomorrow? Isn't it more adequate to use 'to' instead of 'ing,' which -ing means progressiveness? I know it is not but want to know why and how you native speakers think so I can understand the real meanings of 'to verb' and '-ing. I have googled for days and not yet found the answer making me feel satisfied. In short, how can '-ing' express future and how can one choose more to use '-ing' than 'to' to express future?

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