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Courtney Lynch, the director of reproductive epidemiology at the Ohio State University College of Medicine, conducted a study measuring the effects of stress on fertility. Lynch and her team looked at saliva in women who were trying to get pregnant and measured the levels of an enzyme called salivary alpha-amylase, which is directly linked to stress.

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So next time life becomes too much to handle, take a deep breath and try to relax. Make stress-reducing activities a priority in your daily schedule, just like you would with cooking dinner and walking the dog. And be sure to unwind at the end of each day by doing something that relaxes you and takes your mind away from everything, such as yoga or meditation.

Most of us also enjoy going out for cocktails with friends and drinking cold beers in the hot summer sun. Generally studies suggest that caffeine shows a decrease in fertility, and according to The March of Dimes website, women who want to become pregnant should not consume more than mg of caffeine per day. It is important to note that caffeine can be found in various substances like tea, chocolate and some soft drinks. Many foods can give you that burst of energy you crave, and there are plenty of yummy non-alcoholic beverages you can try.

Nothing positive can be said about smoking and its impact on our health. From the numerous chemicals to the potential of lung cancer, every woman should steer clear of cigarettes. Chief researcher Dr. The findings showed that the smokers took nearly two months longer to conceive than the non-smokers. There are many resources available to help women battle their addiction to cigarettes. If this is something you may be struggling with, think about reaching out to a partner or family member for support. This hour window usually happens anywhere between 12 and 14 days before your period starts, based off of a regular day cycle, and you are most fertile two to three days prior through the first day of ovulation.

It is important to note that sperm can live in the uterus for three to five days, so having sex leading up to ovulation can help. There are many ways to try to pinpoint when you are ovulating.

For example, your discharge should turn into the consistency of egg whites and your body temperature will increase. The most common is an ovulation predictor kit OPK that gives you positive results the day before you ovulate, giving you ample time to plan. These tests recognize when the levels of luteinizing hormone have gone up, which means an egg is about to be released. There are also fertility-tracking apps that can help you monitor your body and help identify peak fertility windows. Putting a little time into ovulation tracking has a twofold benefit — you increase your own chances of pregnancy by becoming familiar with your body and you understand how it works.

Let your partner in on these patterns so they can be prepared when you are. Many women seem to think that having sex all the time will result in pregnancy.

Others believe that doing it rarely and only during specific times will make the sperm more potent. Both of these assumptions are wrong to some extent. It is important to keep having sex regularly, but by no means does this mean you need to exhaust yourself and jump in the sheets at every opportunity. This will likely result in a healthy supply of sperm waiting in the fallopian tube when the egg is released.

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Vitamins are a great way to increase your overall health and give your body exactly what it needs. Dear papa, I love you and will always miss you!

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