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In this chapter Porter and Pitts deal with the traditional rules of textual criticism, more difficult reading, shorter vs. This is a far more subjective method and requires a great deal from the text critic in terms of familiarity with Greek grammar used by authors.

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There are a few features which I found helpful which are not common in other textual criticism textbooks. First, Porter and Pitts include a chapter on canon ch. To a certain extent this material seems extraneous to the method of textual criticism. I am not sure they make a clear connection between their interesting discussion of the development of the canon and the process of textual criticism. A professor could easily omit it without losing the argument of the book, although from my experience students often have questions about canon at this point in their Greek training.

The book is therefore a good resource regardless of the chosen Greek New Testament chose by the professor. The story of how the two major critical editions developed is more than interesting, this section places the activity of textual criticism into its proper place in church history.

Third, the book includes a helpful summary of translation strategies as they relate to textual criticism chapter The chapter includes lists of the various abbreviations and marginalia of both editions. Page has a photograph of a page from the NA 28 Greek New Testament with arrows identifying everything on the page; page does the same for the UBS 4.

For some students, this chapter alone will be worth the price of the book.

Fundamentals of New Testament Greek Books Instruction

Each chapter has a list of key terminology and a useful bibliography. These could be expanded greatly, perhaps with a section of illustrations. I assume these are limited in order to keep the cost of the book lower for students. One additional resource I would like to see in a textbook such as this are a series of assignments included as a part of the methodology chapters.

For example, after introducing the various kinds of scribal errors, it would be very helpful to have a sheet of examples for students to work through and identify the variants. After learning the method of weighing internal evidence, I would like to have several pages of examples so students can work through evidence and make some textual determinations for themselves. I have used J. I share same frustrations expressed by Porter about both brevity and datedness. I plan on using this book next year for third semester Greek and intro to Textual Criticism.

Porter and Pitts have written a useful textbook which incorporates additional material the smaller handbooks cannot, yet is still accessible for early Greek students.

The information in this handbook will be valuable to anyone reading the Greek New Testament. NB: Thanks to Eerdmans for kindly providing me with a review copy of this book. This did not influence my thoughts regarding the work. Like Like. Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

There is no answer key for the exercises, but the workbook includes the same helpful appendices as the textbook.

Learn the Biblical Greek Alphabet in 12 Minutes

The authors ably achieve all the tasks outlined in their introduction, save one. Though the intention is most admirable, the authors neglect to make the link between familiarity of Greek grammar and syntax with personal reception of the biblical text. The wealth of grammatical concepts presented in the textbook may overwhelm beginning students, but will prove to be a valuable asset if the student pursues an intermediate level Greek course.

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Overall, the book provides a solid foundation for study of the Greek New Testament and is highly recommended for use in institutions where students have the option for further study of Greek. Gregory S. Paulson University of Edinburgh. Related Papers. This is a book review for RBL. Porter, et al.

Fundamentals of New Testament Greek

By Panayotis Coutsoumpos. By Matthew Mellott. Porter," in Lois F. Dow, Craig A. Evans and Andrew W. Pitts eds. By Andrew W. By Thomas D Tatterfield. Download pdf.