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So far so good living in my RV, it's summer and it's nice and the beer is flowing. Come this winter in northern Canada where temperature can drop below F every day, I am not sure. Heating is my biggest concern, how often do I have replace propane tanks at that temperature? Anybody thinks I am crazy living in RV at in Canada, any brave souls have any experience and want to offer me some tips other than go south young man.

Yes, I think you are crazy! If you have the usual 30 lb propane tanks, I would expect to use nearly one a day and I doubt if the interior will be as much as 70 if its outside. The walls of an RV are too think to have any reasonable amount of insulation, plus there are numerous windows and skylights. Much more of them on a per sq. SeilerBird Posts: Good things are illegal immoral or over watts.

It would be cheaper to rent an apartment by the month than to use a propane heater in a 5er. I would like to apologize to anyone I have not yet offended.

Top 5 Questions asked for Canadian Full Time RVers, Q&A Collaboration [RV Living Canada] Ep. 21

Please be patient and I will get to you shortly. Thinking of getting a lbs tank and have refill less. This RV do have dual pane windows and no skylight, I am thinking of skirting the RV and sealing the windows. As far as temperature, I lived in Calgary, AB But, some nights it can dropped down to but the average is around 10F.

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With the propane furnace running constantly and with the use of electric heaters could it be toasty inside the RV in the chilliest of the night? Jeff Forum Staff Posts: Remember that you will be asking a propane furnace designed for recreational use to run just about continuously for months. Sealing up everything might make it a little warmer but it certainly doesn't leave much chance for fresh air to enter the trailer. See where we are Where our travels have taken us. Northern Canada, 30 below, unimaginable.

Getting from 30 below to 70 inside is degree swing, can't see that happening. The furnace would never shut off and your gas expense would be huge. We lived for a month in Taos, NM in late fall in our late model Class A motorhome, temps between 10 and 40, had an electric heater, heated mattress pad, and two cats and still froze our business off.

Actually, we did not freeze, but were cold a lot, even with the sun heating the coach during the day. And we kept the coach at 58 at night and still burned 25 gallons of propane. The amount of BTU's it takes to move the temp from way below zero to comfortable is pretty incredible and beyond most normal RV units as delivered and insulated. This is one of those trick "can you do it? I might not go so far as to call you crazy, but I would strongly recommend you talk to people who have and see if they liked that experience. It would not be for the faint of heart. It seems like every year there is a post similar to this one where someone is asking if they can live in an RV during the winter way up north with minus 0 temps every day.

The replies are always a resounding no. But it seems like every time the OP declares he is going to do it any way. But they never return here in February to let us know just how comfortable they are. I am hoping the OP will let us know how he is doing next year so we can learn if it really is possible to survive in an RV in winter up north. You may not be crazy but for sure you're a gluten for punishment.

Former Minnesotan here. Once you're cold, it's hard to warm up. I would never spend a night in an RV when it's that cold. I suspect at negative 30, the entire fresh water system and waste tanks could freeze.

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Don't know if that would cause the tank to fail but I wouldn't be surprised. You'll have to connect and disconnect your water hose every time you need water. Just washing dishes and using the toilet is going to be a pain. Gary B1st Pace Arrow 35G Jeep Wrangler Poverty exists not because we cannot feed the poor, but because we cannot satisfy the rich. Chet Posts: There has been one 5th wheel maker that claimed their rig was livable in your conditions. Don't even try it unless you put a full skirt around the base to keep the cold air from flowing under the trailer. Put aluminum bubble "Refletex" insulation up on all the windows.

Be prepared to be constantly COLD whenever you are home. Since everything is mobile, pack it up and move south for the winter. I have live in my trailer in North Dakota for 3 years now, and it can be rough. It would actually be kinda easy if you were not going to use your plumbing or holding tanks.

Living in a 5th wheel full time in Canada!! in winter?

I skirted with 1 inch foam, put the plastic on my windows to imitate dual pane, and that is about it. Fortunately, I have 90 amps available, so I only run propane when the power is out, or to warm it up faster. I use 2 ceramic heaters under the trailer,and that would keep it above freezing when 28 below. It could be freezing or colder on the dirt, but if your skirting is tight enough, the heat will rise up to the underbelly and keep you warm inside. I use 3 ceramic heaters inside, bedroom, bathroom, and living area. Propane would have no problem keeping you warm at night, and you would definitely not use more than lbs.

Try this, it's a forum for "four season campers" They appear to have a strong following of diehard winter campers all with lots of advice. I hope I not breaking any rules by linking to another forum, if so, please feel free to edit or delete.

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Geoff Davies Quesnel, B. Roary60 Posts: 8. Usually get a solid six weeks of minus 20 cold plus the wind chill. Campground across the street from me has about 60 campers in there all winter long in every kind of Rv imaginable. Best addition that I have made to my Rv for Canadian winters is a diesel fired air heater. Rig is always one temperature, nice dry heat and saves me per month on propane during the worst of the winter.

For the balance of the winter I just shut the furnace off. At minus 30 your Rv furnace is not putting out that much heat as the cold air going into the combustion chamber is just that, too cold. Causing you too even use more propane just to maintain heat. Each Rv is different and the only way too figure it out is to get out there winter camping, it won't take too long too find out the stuff you will need to do in order to stay warm at a economical cost.

Jim Godward Posts: Quote from: coal on October 08, , PM.

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Runs off diesel and 12 volts. Super cheap on fuel, really low amp draw, I will send some pics to your email tomorrow am. That diesel fired air heater sounds like the way to go. The one thing with propane is that the colder it gets, the lower the pressure in the tank. It can get to the point where the pressure in the tank is so low, and the intake air so cold, that the furnace will run forever and not throw out much warm air at all.

Found this out a few winters ago. Now we are told a post office box is not good enough.

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Even getting into the U. If you are renting out your property that would qualify or possibly rent a room from a friend or relative, however there would have to be a good paper trail on the room rental if ever questioned.

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  • We had considered just a lot in small town Saskatchewan and a P. As far as Federal voting full timers can qualify as there are provisions for those with no fixed address or homeless. This would be by special ballot and require registering providing two pieces of ID and an address where you are staying.

    To vote provincially you must be a resident of that province with a physical address. Health coverage is probably the most important and as pointed out a privilege in Canada and not a right.