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We are beyond excited to get to know our newest Burlington Trailblazer & Business Dynamo!!

This is what life is about and in today's episode, we are going to talk about the keys you can apply today to live carefree! If you want to break free from the same old routine in life and business, this episode is for you! We go deep into how you can have more fun, experience more, live your truth and speak your authentic voice with EASE by powering up your trust game! I know you crave to live wildly free in all areas of your life and I believe our key to freedom is following our inner guidance, that God-given knowing within and when we do, our life aligns!

Are you ready to get into freedom and alignment? Today's episode will give you the steps! Are you ready to receive more in your business and your life? If you're like me, you feel this call to go bigger, to serve more and to live the desires that thrive within you Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start or what to do differently to grow your business and receive more abundance, so it this episode we're going into ALL of it and talking about the work you can do today to actually soar and receive greatness doing what you love!

Have you been told as much as you go "up" in business you will come "down"? Let's debunk this today and you can learn how we have always grown our business and life in a way where we don't fall back down, rather we keep stretching and growing! You can create your business, income and life YOUR way!

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This week we dive into how you can handle your growth in a way that is sustainable and you SOAR! If you're anything like me, you are a recovering people pleaser and someone who craves to feel aligned in your authentic knowing, living your deepest desires and you really want to silence the NOISE that people shout around you Your power is in your authentic truth and knowing, so let's dive in! In this week's episode, you will learn how to stop letting others decide your future so you can fully and freely LIVE your authentic truth!

If you are ready to increase your income and do it in a way that is aligned for you and your radiant purpose, this episode will help you! I work with coaches and home business owners around the globe who are always ready to increase their income and have fun while growing their businesses, so I will coach you as I would them! Enjoy this episode and share it with a sister who needs it!

Are You Ready

If you are tired of feeling like flat soda and are ready to live a life on purpose and feel lit up from within every day, this episode will help you! We are talking about your radiant purpose. Your radiant purpose has energy from within that moves you, attracts people to you, that is waiting for you to shed the blocks so it can bust through and blaze!

STOP Feeling:

Do you get in your own way? Honestly, do you feel like old stories start to fill your mind as soon as you decide you want to change your life or uplevel? This week, Ryan Yokome and I are helping you move through your resistance to come into your best life and transformation your future! Do you ever wonder how some people build big businesses with ease and grace?

If you are ready to stop playing small, step into your truth and build your empire YOUR way, this episode is for you. Growing a magnetic business comes down to how charged your inner magnet is and how connected you are to your divine masculine and feminine energies! Are you ready to align with your Soul to live your best life ever, but sometimes you question your Soul and you're unsure if it is your intuition or your ego that is talking to you?

How do you actually know what the right next step is?? Take a listen to how your can get into energetic alignment with a higher flow of abundance and money. Especially if you are someone who gets in their own way! Are you ready to receive all your deepest desires with ease? The feminine essence receives and if you feel you are over giving, over providing, or forcing things to happen and change in your life, you're missing out on your magic flow!

This episode we are talking about all ways you can receive wildly in your feminine energy and how to get into it! Do you feel like your drive to get your work out to the world has fizzled up? Is it hard for you to stay on track and create change? You're not alone, goddess and in this episode we're covering all the ways you can get your drive back and what you can do today to feel more alive in your work! Do you want to embrace more action taking in flow?

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This Goddess Boss Podcast episode will help you to awaken your divine masculine energy and take great connected action. My husband Ryan and I share our action steps and ways you can take action without burnout, overwhelm or the need to arrive and you can enjoy your growth. If you feel like something is blocking you from creating the money, business and life you want, then we must expose what is stopping you. Do you feel like getting what you truly want is hard?

In this episode we are talking about how being too masculine is keeping you from getting what you want, Goddess and it is JUICY! Do you lack confidence, fall into confusion, have a block in your income flow or just feel burned out? These are all signs that you, Goddess, are out of your feminine power!

Transformational Tapping Explained

This week we are talking about how you can embody your feminine power and what it means for a woman to EMBODY her desires so she can create ALL that she wants in her life! Are you a powerhouse woman on a mission? Do you feel like you have to work really hard to see any success in your business?

How to Avoid Burnout as an Entrepreneur

This week my husband Ryan Yokome and I share with you ways you can still achieve great success. Do you ever feel like your dreams are just too far out of reach? I know you have big dreams, but when we feel there is a block in living them confusion can take you out. I want to give you the steps that I followed and continue to follow to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and get out of fear and confusion and flow! You deserve it all! In this episode I am giving you a simple, yet powerful tip you take and apply to have an incredibly aligned and successful year!

This is the solid foundation you will build your life and empire on. Are you ready to sink into your potent feminine energy and finally manifest your deepest desires in FLOW? Is your workspace set up correctly for flowing wealth? I know this sounds crazy, but when you set your workspace up for wealth in a way that allows the flow of Chi to flow through and also when your desk is set for wealth, everything can shift!

They help the Goddess Boss podcast rank higher on iTunes, which exposes our show to more awesome listeners like you. If you have a minute, please leave an honest review on iTunes. Get all the top tips and tools you need to help you to flip your fears, awaken to your spirit and your self mastery by connecting to your soul and letting self-love be the foundation for your abundance, life, business and relationships! Join with Kris Britton, founder of Team Goddess Boss, Spiritual Life and Business Coach, Blogger and network marketing professional and goddess boss herself shares the way you can live your dreams!

One last thing, please make sure to share the episodes that ignite your inner goddess and leave us a review!

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They came together because of a car accident in Today Brad is the author of several books, while he and Kasey travel the country speaking, leading workshops and being interviewed.

Through their programs, retreats, online courses, and personal readings, they guide and support people in eliminating judgement, resistances and lack in their life. Kasey and Brad and the energy known as Julius that comes through to teach and guide assist people to heal themselves, offer online classes as well as their latest workshop, R-Factoring, using unique techniques that heal repeated, negative patterns for people on a neurological level.

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