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Broken, but not Forgotten

Access to furniture demo crews schools offices donations- look into tax deductibility. Evan's parents for insight into the industry, as well as experience and design.

Create a new Business Model Canvas Brainstorm better concepts. Together with your team. Broken but not Forgotten.

Who are your key partners? Who are your key suppliers?

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Kohler building salvaging marketing. Steph upcycling design customer-facing. What are your key activities? What are your value propositions?

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Peronality -unique-all one of a kind pieces, to fit your style -a sense of home without breaking the budget -consistency: the one stop for all your furniture. Your customer relationships? Customer Segments.

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Low income community recent graduates low-income neighborhoods young families. What are your key resources? Jal's speech for his funeral was just moving.

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Fuck it for Chris! They were way too cute! They went from shag buddies to closeted relationship.

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As Ianto was dying in The 4th part of Children of the Earth Jack told him he loved him then briefly died with him Though note Jack's immortal and has died and came back lots of times. How much I love them they were legit adorbs their goodbye scene and kiss in Journey's End was amazeballs.

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Ahh Freffy. The lake scene was one of my absolute faves.

Broken Part 4: Abandoned But Not Forgotten

Freddie was the best Effy ever had. He was there for her during her psychotic depression and like a boss went to confront that goddamn John FOster. Opposites did attract indeed he fucking loved this sweet adorable angel baby but she died but last time he saw her, her ghost appeared and they shared one last kiss.

Maya Maya Maya. The one thing making Emily realize her sexuality. He was so young! This poor little guy had lots of anxiety and depression even when with Maya. The one thing that made him happy.

Broken But not Forgotten

Poor Maya lost her first boyfriend, the first guy she kissed and her first love. First Jer then Bonnie tough break for them both I however wouldn't be surprised if Bonnie came back. Music brought them together. First couple I ever shipped.