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Good intentions. But as is often the case in literature, between the vision and the reality falls the shadow. The new story tower is being built under Redevelop ment Agency jurisdiction, which means that it does not require an environmental impact report In other words, traffic, parking, transit and local density issues will not be addressed before the project is begun, The SFRA does riot own the land the project will be built on.

Candidate Agnos seemed to recognize that fact. The mayor's deputy press secretary. Given this new political context, what will the DA do? On Jan, 19th t Moy called Comstock again, to tell him the complaint had been turned over to Beckwith for investigation.

Morning Union, Volume 25, Number 3841, 3 August 1879 — Page 3

Comstock's original complaint focused on two pieces of pro-ballpark literature, neither of which dearly identified who paid for the material. One was a mailed letter from the mayor. This one contained no information about who paid for it. Look for Smith to back away from the investigation of the anti-ballpark flier by saying he is investigating every complaint concerning the campaign, and that no one broke any significant election laws. By a vote of , teachers took the first step toward a possible shut-down of the district, in an attempt to force the seven-member board of governors to make significant steps in ongoing contract negotiations.

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Leaders said they hope the strong support for the strike vote will expedite the negotiations, Chris Hanzo, a spokesman for Local , said progress has been made in the talks. He has made the difference. Vuong, if elected, would be the first non- Chinese Asian elected to the board and would also be a much-needed Tenderloin community representative. Of the 3, affordable housing units, 2, are to be built by the city, on a mere 25 acres, the rest by Santa Fe Pacific.

Now you con respond to the Relationships advertisers in the Bay Guardian It's called Person-to-Personals, and it's the state of the art in personal messaging systems. Not all advertisers record a message right away, but you can stili respond by phone. Person-to-Personals is a sophisticated touch-tone service that takes you closer to your heart's desire, step by step. Your voice will be clearly recorded with the highest technical standards available.

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They like to work. But they lme to commute. So they walk to work. Or climb on a free private shuttle bus for a 5 minute jaunt to the Financial District. They like living cIo5te to everything—the Financial District, the Waterfront, Lhe hot new shops and restaurants South of Market and right downstairs at Bayside Village! So Beach Bums don't have to commute. Time to sit around the pools, spas and fitness center at Bayside Village.

Or relax with a friend in their elegant new water- front apartment. Sound rough? But for all their numbers, there was little diversity in their stories, and even less variance in their biased perspective, oriented toward justifying the U. In the critical first week of the invasion, when its political rating in domestic public opinion polls was up for grabs, two scenes of destruction stood out.

The other was almost ignored: the destruction of the poor shantytown of Chorrillo, adjacent to Noriega's headquarters — a story that pointed up the terrible cost in Panamanian lives of the U.

The Bay Guardian has done a statistical comparison of the coverage of these two stories in three of the country's biggest newspapers, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, as well as our two local dailies, the Chronicle and the Examiner. We compared the number of articles, number of column inches and photos on each of these two stories. It ran only one story on the destruction of Chorrillo, that focusing on how the refugees loved the American soldiers even after they lost their homes and all their possessions in the attack.

The Chorrillo casualties were also mentioned twice in a couple of paragraphs buried in other stories. The Times ran three photos of the burnt-out neighborhood and the refugees. The stories were full of interviews with cheerful refugees enjoying U. The Post also ran four photos of the destruction.

All Riled Up: Trapped! / Riley (Mills & Boon M&B)

Three Times stories described the des true lion of Chorrillo. The front-page piece chronicled damage there along with damage from the looting as if there were no difference in the causes. That photo ran above a ten-inch story on the destruction of Panama City by looting, with no mention of civilian dead or homeless. Chorrillo was covered in one inch story, with photo, that blamed the district's destruction on Noriega's Dignity Battalions. Television coverage was just as bad, if not worse. CBS News ran almost the only critical pieces, at one time interviewing a Chorrillo man who lost his home, his shop and family members. Explain that to me. I heard some reports from a hospital, and we've not been able to confirm those numbers, that some civilians were killed.

Chorrillo, and the general issue of civilian casualties, was perhaps the most significant unflattering story lost in the flurry of invasion reporting — but it was not the only one. Another was the illegality of the invasion: It violated the U. When U. Also underreported were the international-law issues of U.